2 = attractive, glamorous, glossy [glossier -comp., glossiest -sup.], inviting, appetising [appetizing, -USA], handsome [handsomer -comp., handsomest -sup.], engaging, dashing, personable, arresting, magnetic, enticing, good looking, winning, appealing, endearing, fancied, sizzling, glam, comely [comelier -comp., comeliest -sup.].
Ex. A particularly attractive feature of the notation is the expressiveness of the notation.
Ex. Service is perhaps not a very glamorous concept, but we are nevertheless a service profession = El servicio quizás no es un concepto muy atractivo, pero no obstante somos una profesión dedicada al servicio.
Ex. On the other hand, credibility relates less to glossy brochure futuristics than to tested areas of application.
Ex. An easy and inviting route to the entrance needs to be unambiguously defined.
Ex. This is not a very appetizing thought for anyone who wishes to play a key role in the operations of the library.
Ex. All these novels are about young women meeting handsome men, at first disliking them and then discovering that they love them, with the inescapable 'happy ending' which means matrimony in these cases.
Ex. The interview went smoothly; the committee was impressed by her knowledge of the current library scene, her enthusiasm, and her engaging personality.
Ex. Some unfortunate children grow up as readers of James Bond, of dashing thrillers and the blood-and-guts of crude war stories.
Ex. Mr Berman, who is a very personable and enthusiastic librarian, certainly comes across.
Ex. It is when speakers have no feeling for pause that their speech seems to burble on without any arresting quality; the club bore is a burbler: he has not learnt the eloquence of silence.
Ex. It is the duty of the library staff to make the institution magnetic.
Ex. The article 'Library scavenger hunts: a way out of the bewilderness' describes the use of library scavenger hunts to teach high school and college students research strategies and to make library use both enticing and enriching.
Ex. Our library and some others have prevailed upon a local vendor to prepare good looking, durable packaging for cassettes which makes them perfectly accommodative to the ordinary bookshelves.
Ex. Basically it is more tangible and exciting for retailers to develop new products, decorate stores, design Web sites, and create winning advertisements than it is for them to struggle to set prices that will mean profits.
Ex. The author offers some suggestions, somewhat 'tongue in cheek', to make the game more appealing for spectators.
Ex. Frequently the youngest child takes on the role of the mascot; he acts cute, mischievous, and endearing.
Ex. The convention failed to reach an agreement on any of the more fancied candidates.
Ex. He had a sizzling, electric stage presence.
Ex. Ponytails are becoming glam, says the New York Times.
Ex. He went in the tavern wearing an eye patch, crying 'ahoy, matey!' and eying the comely wenches.
* de un modo atractivo = appealingly.
* hacer atractivo = endear.
* parecer atractivo = look + attractive.
* poco atractivo = off-putting, unattractive, unglamorous, uninviting, unappealing.
* resultar atractivo = prove + attractive.
* ser atractivo = look + attractive, be popular in appeal.
* sin atractivo = unattractive.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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